Today, I’ve teamed up with RaceTrac and Swirl World to share five ways I’m wrapping up summer and relaxing a bit before the busy fall gets here! See what made my list below.

5 ways to wrap up summer and relax
I feel like I just woke up and totally missed all of June + July, because it’s already AUGUST next week. Can you believe that? As a teacher, I was fully prepared for a relaxing summer vacation, but travel plans and various other big events (ahem, planning Fall Fashion Fest, attending conferences, etc) made this summer a very busy (but fun!) one.

You may remember my summer bucket list from a few months back — I’m still checking a few of those things off, but man, I need a little bit of me time before I’m back to entertaining 7th graders on a daily basis! Haha — who else is with me?

I really can’t think of a single day that I hung out and just took a relaxing day for myself. SO before I head back to school in two weeks, I’m going to be squeezing in as much me time as possible!

Here’s 5 ways I’m wrapping up summer and relaxing a bit:

1- Unplug for a pool day

Seriously, I live in South Louisiana and haven’t had a single pool day all summer! This has GOT to happen ASAP. And there’s nothing more relaxing than a daiquiri in hand, a good book and a pool day, right? Forget your phone, email and social media for a bit and unplug from all that. If you don’t have your personal paradise in your backyard, luckily 225 rounded up 20+ local pools for us.

2- Go to the movies

You know where the AC is always on full blast? The movie theater! I don’t know why, but I LOVE going to the movies by myself (ok, I like going with people too, but going by yourself is just.. different. And more relaxing). It’s always way better to go when everyone else is at work too! lol. Have you seen Dunkirk or Girls Trip yet? I saw a screening of Girls Trip earlier in the summer and OMG it is SO funny. Usually, I’m not a huge comedy fan, but I loved this one — it’s all set in New Orleans and this movie doesn’t hold anything back. Literally.

3- Eat fro-yo

Eating gelato twice a day in Italy spoiled me, so I’m keeping that party going with fro-yo here in the states. And since this is all about relaxing, I’m indulging going all out with my toppings — gummy bears, sprinkles, white chocolate chips, and gummy worms. And maybe some fruit toppings? You know, to make it healthy.

I’ve been working with Racetrac all summer long and Conrad and I have become a little addicted to their Swirl World fro-yo and toppings bar. No matter where we are in Baton Rouge, we’re always like “Where’s the closest RaceTrac?” Haha — don’t tell him, but I’ve definitely been without him a few times. (And plan to go more.)

#HowYouSwirlWorld with RaceTrac
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4- Go tubing

Going tubing down the Amite River is one of my favorite things to do with friends each summer. Pack an ice chest, bring some portable speakers and you’ve got the perfect day made. It takes about 4 hours to float — but you can extend it by stopping along the way.

If you’re not all into real lazy rivers (you know, wildlife and sticks and all), there are several man-made lazy rivers around at local apartments and waterparks — and sidenote, how cool is that LSU UREC lazy river?!

5- Go for an early/evening morning walk

I know I’m suppose to be training for a Half Marathon, but I still enjoy just a relaxing walk SO much. This summer, I’ve tried to start a few of my days with a 30-minute walk around my neighborhood — just to clear my mind with no phone/social media. Just time alone to enjoy.

On stressful days, I’ve walked in the evenings — enjoying the sunset and the temperature dropping a bit. It’s crazy the difference that a simple walk can make.

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This post was sponsored by RaceTrac. All opinions are my own.


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