Have a summer road trip planned? Here’s what to bring in the car for a long trip to make it as enjoyable as possible!

Things To Bring on a Road Trip | Must haves in the car for a long road trip
Last summer my best friend Maggie and I went on a 16-day road trip across Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. We spent A LOT of time in the car and covered more than 3,000 miles.

At first I really thought my only necessities were gummy bears and Taylor Swift albums, but I quickly realized that even those two favorite things wouldn’t be enough. So if you’ve got a big trip planned, here are my tips for making it as enjoyable as possible!

1- Audiotapes + Podcasts

The radio and your playlist can only take you so far. Although I do recommend an awesome playlist, having more than just music will occupy your mind more when you’re driving for hours at a time. We checked out audiobooks for free from the local library and listened to three entire books while driving. I suggest picking out books together that way everyone in the car will be interested. Same with podcasts… find something everyone will be interested in!

2- An ice chest

Depending on where you’re going, you may be driving in the middle of nowhere with nothing in site. Pack an ice chest each day with drinks and snacks to hold you over. We flew to Denver, and rented a car for the trip, so we purchased a Styrofoam ice chest that we could throw away before flying back home.

(Also, p.s. — in several spots we ended up on reservations or dry towns, where alcohol wasn’t sold. So stocking up on your own beer + wine for the nights when you stop might be a good idea! BYOB!)

3- A Jacket or Sweatshirt

Yep, even in the middle of summer pack a jacket. We traveled high in the mountains where there was snow then through the middle of the desert within days of each other. The temperature made crazy changes, so having something in the car to put on when necessary was a life saver.

4- Slip-on Shoes

I like to get comfy in the car for long rides, so that means no shoes. Having a pair of slip-on shoes made it easy to hop out of the car for quick photo ops or at pit stops. Because if you’re not stopping at every weird road side attraction and state sign, you’re doing it wrong!

5- Chapstick, lotion, moisturizers, sunscreen

You cover a lot of ground on road trips. And that includes a lot of different environments and temperatures. Your skin will do CRAZY things. I had three different types of chapsticks with me on the road trip and I still didn’t feel like it was enough! Haha. You seriously can’t pack enough lotions and chapsticks.

6- Pillows + Blankets

Not only are pillows just more comfortable to sleep on while riding down the road, but they’re also needed in case of a sleeping emergency. We ended up in some sketchy towns or in the middle of nowhere on multiple occasions — so having our own pillows and blankets to bring into some not-so-legit hotels made us feel less gross. Plus, they’re good to have in case you absolutely have to sleep in your car — which was almost the case for us in the middle of Yellowstone National Park. #sleepingwithbears

7- An actual map

I know it’s 2017, but cell signal isn’t so strong everywhere you go. Having a real map will save the day when Siri can’t.

8- A first aid kit

Just because you never know… bandaids, Neosporin, pain reliever, and bug spray can all come in handy.

Things To Bring on a Road Trip | Must haves in the car for a long road trip

9- Your Sodapalooza Cup

My obsession with RaceTrac’s Sodapalooza cup has really gotten out of control this summer, but y’all… it’s really the best thing ever! Especially when it comes to road trips. Here’s how it works — you get unlimited refills on any sodas/frozen drinks/teas all summer long through July 31. The cup costs $12.

Conrad and I both have it and go on a daily basis. If I would have had this on the road trip,  it would have saved SO much money in the long run.

p.s. another great thing about RaceTrac is Swirl World. You can get frozen yogurt at your convenient store/gas stops because everyone knows calories don’t count on vacation! My favorite is the cake batter flavor piled high with gummy bears, sprinkles and white chocolate chips! There are more than 40 toppings to choose from.

But really, who are we kidding — you don’t have to go on a road trip for this. Y’all already know I’m at a Racetrack daily! Haha.

RaceTrac Swirl World

Swirl World Giveaway Contest- 

Right now RaceTrac is hosting a #HowYouSwirlWorld giveaway contest. All you have to do is share your frozen treat creation on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #HowYouSwirlWorld and TAG me (@southernflairblog) between now and July 31. You can win a $50 RaceTrac gift card.

This post was sponsored by RaceTrac. All opinions are my own.

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