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Share your photos (including tailgating photos) with Share Your Photos Phone App
So how many times have you ended up with loads of selfies and goofy photos on your phone at the end of a long day of tailgating?

Uh yea, me too. And while social media is great for sharing photos, you don’t always want ALL the photos to be posted for the world to see.

Like that awful photo of you shotgunning a beer that seemed like a good idea at the time? Or the video of you at the end of the night singing Callin’ Baton Rouge at the top of your lungs? That also seemed like a good idea.

So either way, you end up with lots of photos or videos that you miiiight not necessarily prefer to be public for everyone.

So meet your newest phone app — Share Your Photos. It’s exactly what it sounds like! It’s a way for you to share photos exclusively and privately with whomever you’d like instead of posting publicly on social media.

It also saves you the time of texting or emailing photos to people.

Share your photos (including tailgating photos) with Share Your Photos Phone App

Here’s How It Works:

1- Download the app here. It’s 100% free.

2- Create an event.

3- Create a unique event ID to give people access to the photo album.

4- Share the event ID with your friends and family via text or email.

5- Then, everyone can upload pictures AND videos into the album for everyone to see.

It’s not just for tailgating or keeping those not-so-great photos private. You can share photos from any events or moments with people privately.

Parties, work events, weddings, nights out, all those photos of your dog — you name it!

When it comes to Instagram or Facebook, I only post a few photos from events/vacations anyway, so this way you can share ALL your photos — not just a select social media-approved few. :)

$300 Uber Giveaway with Share Your Photos

Now for the fun part! We have Uber here in Baton Rouge & New Orleans, so you also have the chance to win a $300 Uber gift card now through 9/29 through the Share Your Photos app!

How to enter the contest: 

– Join the Event “#ShareYourUber”
– Upload a photo of how you get around town (bus, bicycle, car, walking, skateboard, etc.)
They will choose their favorite photo from the app at the end of the giveaway and the winner will get a FREE $300 UberGift Card. It could reeeally come in handy after all those long game days!

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