Instagram is my go-to app for style ideas, travel inspiration, delicious food that I’m not eating — and anything else pretty and inspiring. But now we also have a few four-legged local friends who are making their way through Baton Rouge life one day at a time on Instagram and it’s FREAKING ADORABLE! Today, I’m sharing the best Baton Rouge Dogs You Should Follow On Instagram! And I even interviewed a few of them!

The Best Baton Rouge Dogs to Follow On Instagram | Southern Flair Blog

1- @hotfreshcorg

Baton Rouge Dogs to Follow on Instagram - Gus the Corgi

Meet Gus! This corgi’s feed is fun of bright images of him living his best life on LSU’s campus, at Raising Canes and in front of colorful walls around town. He’s already up to over 1K followers — pretty impressive for a corgi!

What type of dog are you?

Gus: I am a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Like the Queen’s dogs!

How old are you?

Gus: I am almost 11 months old. My birthday is December 4th.

What’s your favorite place to visit in Baton Rouge?

Gus: My favorite place is the BREC Burbank Dog Park, and I go there every day. However, when I want to change it up, I like to walk around LSU with my pawrents because I LOVE the Tigers!

Why/when did you start your Instagram account?

Gus: I started my account when I was just two months old to show my adventures, but it’s grown into so much more. I want my account to show my positive attitude, my fun personality along with some cool places and things. I love making people smile and I want my account to do that.

What type of things can we see you do on Instagram?

Gus: I like to keep my account interesting and always have fresh, diverse content for my followers. Here’s some things you can see in my Insta: tricks, my hot fresh wardrobe, my travels and adventures and my day-to-day life.

Anything else you want us to know about you?

Gus: I love posing for pictures and I get lots of treats when I do a good job! Playing fetch at the park is one of my favorite things to do. I may have short legs, but you would be surprised how fast I am. I always love meeting new people and exploring new places.

You can follow Gus at @hotfreshcorg

2- @theadorablebentley

Baton Rouge dogs to follow on Instagram - Bentley the Chihuahua

Bentley is an easy going Chihuahua here in Baton Rouge. He loves his toys, his people and his dog-friendly breweries and restaurants. On his Instagram, you can see him hanging out at festivals, drinking on patios and snuggling up in his blankets.

Follow him at @theadorablebentley

3- @apolleaux_husky

Baton Rouge Dogs to follow on Instagram - Apolleaux the Husky

Meet Apolleaux — clearly a South Louisiana dog! His feed is full photos showing his fun in the sun at the dog park — sometimes sportin’ a Drake bandanna or sometimes wearing a Yoda costume. You never know when you’ll get with him.

What type of dog are you? How old are you?

Apolleaux: I’m a (almost) 5 month old Siberian husky.

What’s your favorite place to visit in Baton Rouge?

Apolleaux: My favorite place to play and meet other dog friends is at BREC’s Burbank Dog Park. (Editors Note: seems like a popular place!)

When/why did you start your Instagram account?

Apolleaux: I started my Instagram page in late July 2017. My mom saw that many other huskies had Instagram accounts, and she thought she’d make me one too!

What type of things can we see you do on Instagram?

Apolleaux: I love to go on long walks and runs along the levee on the west side of LSU’s campus. I weekly post videos on my Instagram story of that.

I have pictures on my Instagram of me taking long nap and playing outside in my backyard!

I also have some awesome professional pictures on my account from @pupsofbatonrouge.

Anything else you want us to know about you?

Apolleaux: A fun fact about me is that I’m super talkative! I don’t bark a lot, but I make weird noises when my parents talk to me!

Follow Apolleaux at @apolleaux_husky

4- @_stella_the-shep_

Baton Rouge Dogs To Follow On Instagram - Stella the German Shepherd

Stella is a German Shepherd rescue pup. You can find her mostly hanging out in kiddie pools, riding down the road with her head out the passenger side and sitting around just looking pretty. Watch her grow into a fine young lady on her feed!

Follow her at @_stella_the-shep_

5- @celestethecorgi

Baton Rouge Dogs To Follow on Instagram - Celeste the Corgi

Meet Celeste Garza — another local corgi that makes the list! Her Instagram feed is full of portraits of her (mostly with her tongue out… and it’s adorable) playing outside and wearing her LSU bandana.

What type of dog are you?

Celeste: I’m a fun-loving-high-energy tri-color Corg who’s always on the go! Many people think my momma or poppa is a Weiner dog because of my smaller than average size and length/slender bod, but I’m pure 20lb Welsh Pembroke Corgi with the most majestic of tails ;)

How old are you?

Celeste: I turned one year old in April, and I made the most of it with my big brofur Roscoe, a 6-year-old Aussie mix. He’s in a few of my pics!

What’s your favorite place to visit in Baton Rouge?

Celeste: I’ve been out and about to many places in Baton Rouge, but by far my most favorite place IN THE WORLD is the BREC Burbank Dog Park! It’s sooooo spacious, and I can run and run and run and run and run! Did I mention I like to run? There are so many friendly puppos and hoomans there, and I get to meet with my best friends, Chuck, Peanut, Butter and Canon! You can find pics of us on our Facebook group page @BurbankCorgiClub. My dad helps manage the page and take pictures of me and my friends!

Why/when did you start your Instagram account?

Celeste: My Dad says it was his account at the beginning, but all he ever did was post pictures of me, so I had a heart-to heart talk with him, and we decided it really was always my incredible world, and I just want to share my memorable moments with everyone!

What type of things can we see you do on Instagram?

Celeste: I’m working on my agility moves, so expect some clips of that soon, and I’m always looking to explore new places in and around the area so keep an eye out for that as well! I’ll be visiting some iconic places in Baton Rouge and around LSU campus! I’m also looking to do some traveling soon to visit my Dad’s family in Texas!

Follow Celeste at @celestethecorgi

6- @odinthedoggg

Dogs to Follow in Baton Roug<img src=
Meet Odin, a Blue Heeler from Baton Rouge! His Instagram account dates back to when he was just a small pup (like this summer) and features lots of photos of him taking naps, which he is ADORABLE at. He also hits up the dog park and enjoys wearing random costumes, bowties and scarves.
Follow him at @odinthedoggg

7- @dogsofbrecburbank

Dogs of BREC Burbank Baton Rouge

This account isn’t for one pup in particular but for LOTS of pups that play at BREC’s Burbank Dog Park — which has proven to be a hot spot! Local photographer @_sarahjl takes pictures of dogs who play at the park, although her account is not directly affiliate with BREC. To see LOTS of cute dogs in action, follow this account!

Follow @dogsofbrecburbank

8- @pupsofbatonrouge

Baton Rouge Dogs to Follow - Pups of Baton Rouge

Pups of Baton Rouge is another multi-dog account where the creator shares professional- style portrait photos of dogs around Baton Rouge, mostly at the Burbank Dog Park. If you want your daily overload of cuteness — and not sticking to just one breed — follow this account!

Follow at @pupsofbatonrouge

9- @caapets

Baton Rouge Dogs to Follow on Instagram

The Companion Animal Alliance’s account is full of dogs trying their best to find forever homes and foster homes. This non-profit shares dogs that are up for adoption with a bio about each of them and information on how you can meet them and adopt them.

Follow them at @caapets

Any dogs I missed? Tell me in the comments!

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