When it comes to sharing your Louisiana and local Baton Rouge love (especially during Mardi Gras season!), I’ve rounded up the BEST and most popular Instagram hashtags to find people who are equally as excited as we are about our city and state. AND I’ve even gotten the scoop on the inspiration behind some of the most popular Baton Rouge hashtags, like #GeauxDowntownBR, #EatLoveBR, #GeauxLocal and #SweetBatonRouge!

These are the most popular local Baton Rouge hashtags to use on social media, like Instagram and Twitter! Find other people around Louisiana with these hashtags. Click to see the full post!

As someone who spends A LOT of time on social media and works specifically on social media with a few local Baton Rouge businesses, I’ve really used these local hashtags as one of my MAIN ways to find other local people and businesses in the area.

So whether you’re looking to grow your Instagram or just wanting to discover new local people to follow, try using or browsing these hashtags below:

Popular Baton Rouge Hashtags:

#batonrouge | #gobr | #idigbr | #geauxdowntownbr | #sweetbatonrouge | #225batonrouge | #geauxrouge | #igersbatonrouge

Baton Rouge Food + Shopping Hashtags:

#geauxlocal | #shoplouisiana | #brfashioncouncil | #eatlovebr | #eatbatonrouge| #225dine | #eatbr | #eating225 | #batonrougeeats

Louisiana / Statewide Hashtags: 

#Louisiana | #LouisianaLife |#ThatLACommunity | #OnlyLouisiana | #ComeHomeLouisiana | #IgersLouisiana | #TasteLouisiana | #LouisianaLove | #LouisianaPride | #LouisianaStrong

New Orleans Hashtags:

#FollowYourNola | #NewOrleans | #Nola | #BourbonStreet | #FrenchQuarter | #NolaLove | #nawlins | #Igersneworleans

Other Relevant Fun Ones:

#Bayou | #MardiGras | #Saints | #LSU |#GeauxTigers |#lagniappe |

So, how did some of the most popular ones get started? I got the scoop from some locally famous Instagramers!

#GeauxDowntownBR by Dustin Sutton

The BEST Local Baton Rouge and Louisiana hashtags for Instagram and social media! See more on Southern Flair #Geauxdowntownbr

“The #GeauxDowntownBR hashtag started when I started my Instagram page by the same name about a year and a half ago (@geauxdowntownbr). I have traveled all over the world and every city has a page that showcases the best of that downtown. I noticed that Baton Rouge was missing this and as a resident of Beauregard Town downtown, I decided to create GeauxDowntownBR to showcase my city.

The name is to both push people to physically geaux downtown and also to cheer it on as it transforms into a modern functioning downtown. Another reason I chose the name is because Baton Rouge is a very unique city and its downtown is no different. It deserves a special hashtag different form the normal downtown one that every city uses.

My page is all about bringing positive awareness of everything happening downtown and hopefully changing people’s view of what it used to be not so long ago. So use #GeauxDowntownBR and show off your downtown!

#EatLoveBR by Rebecca Lusk

The BEST Local Baton Rouge and Louisiana hashtags for Instagram and social media! See more on Southern Flair #EatLoveBR

#eatlovebr came from my Instagram account (@eatlovebr). I started the account in September of 2015 with hopes of drawing attention to locally owned eateries in and around BR. My husband and I looked around and realized there wasn’t that consistent social media “coverage” for that niche, so we started one! We want to encourage people to venture outside of their neighborhood chains and experience what the people of our community have to offer.

We encourage people to use this hashtag with any food they have at locally owned places.

#GeauxLocal by Tin Roof Brewing Co.

The BEST Local Baton Rouge and Louisiana hashtags for Instagram and social media! See more on Southern Flair #GeauxLocal

“Tin Roof (@tinroofbeer) has coined the phrase #GeauxLocal because that’s exactly what we do. We’re brewed locally, canned locally and distributed right in the heart of Louisiana. Local beer is our craft but more importantly we want Louisianians to “geaux” local and shop at local businesses because that’s what helps our state and our community. It’s centric to who we are as LSU fans, cajuns and Southern livin’ lovers. #geauxlocal represents who we are as a brand and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

#SweetBatonRouge by SFT

The BEST Local Baton Rouge and Louisiana hashtags for Instagram and social media! See more on Southern Flair #SweetBatonRouge

“About three years ago, we (@shopSFT) wanted a shirt that showed hometown pride in a way that you could wear it and talk it about here in Baton Rouge or wherever you lived. I fell in love with Baton Rouge when I moved down here 18 years ago. Growing up in a very small town, the city was amazing. I loved everything about all the different areas of Baton Rouge. Once I debuted the shirt, so many people fell in love with the design, so I went ahead and started the trademark process. This past October 6, I was given the registry mark to where SFT owns the name, and we couldn’t be more proud! We have a lot of goals with this design in the future. We want “Sweet Baton Rouge” to be a household name when you think about Baton Rouge. We created the hashtag #sweetbatonrouge, and we want this way of networking to showcase everyone in Sweet Baton Rouge apparel wherever they may go.

Shop #SweetBatonRouge and Louisiana Tees:

Did I miss any? What local hashtags do you use the most?

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