Today’s post is all about creating community and spreading the local Baton Rouge love. We’re talking about how to discover the best local Instagram accounts to follow, including people, businesses and services around town!

How To Discover and Find Local Instagram Accounts To Follow | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Instagram is without a doubt the main way I discover new local people and businesses. All that mindless scrolling has to be good for something, right?! Plus, when it comes to what’s going on around town, Instagram is one of the top ways I discover things happening — events, sales, happy hours… you name it.

So today we are diving in DEEP into ways you can discover new local accounts beyond just the explore page.

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1- Explore Hashtags

Search Hashtags

Lucky for us, local businesses and cool people are using local-themed hashtags to their advantage and making it a super easy way for you to discover them. So whether they’re a store, business, service, restaurant, artist, creator, photographer, etc you can use our local hashtags to discover them.

I have a full post on nothing but local hashtags by category, but I thought I’d share a few here too.

Some of the most popular Baton Rouge hashtags include #225batonrouge, #idigbr, #eatbr, #gobr, #igersbatonrouge, #geauxdowntownbr, #lsu, #lsutigers, #geauxtigers and #geauxlocal. Then there’s always #batonrouge too.

Other popular Louisiana hashtags include #thatlacommunity, #onlylouisiana, #louisianalife, #tastelouisiana and #ComeHomeLouisiana.

Look at suggested hashtags

If you click the Magnifying Glass icon at the bottom of your Instagram screen, you can search for people, tags and places.

So we’re going to look at TAGS first. When you search a certain hashtag, there are always “suggested hashtags” that pop up at the top too.

For example, right now when I search #louisiana under Tags, I see #neworleans, #louisianalife, #bayou #nola all pop up.

Then, you can click any of these to see what’s current or you’ll even be fed MORE suggested hashtags similar to what you clicked.

Hashtag Stalk

One of the easiest ways to find new hashtags is to look at what other people post. If you follow someone who’s primarily local focused, see what hashtags they’re using. Click on those and discover new folks that way.

2. Follow Repost Accounts

Did you know there are entire Instagram accounts that are dedicated to reposting other people’s content? These are the BEST accounts to follow because it’s like following a million people all in one.

Some popular reposters include:

Everyday they’ll post content from other local folks for you to find! Plus, you can use their hashtags to get featured on their account as well.

Create Coffee Mug | That LA Community

 Photo: @liz_gallagher via @thatlacommunity

3. Search The Geotags

Click on locations

Have you ever seen a photo on Instagram and it has a location linked above it? Maybe it’s broad location/city like the entire city of Baton Rouge, or a more specific area like Mid City South, or maybe it’s even super specific to an exact location/business like French Truck Coffee on Government Street.

You can click on these geo locations and see other photos that have also been taken there.

Beware though… some businesses/people are cray cray and don’t even use the location they’re actually at. This is typically a sales-type move of someone trying to get their content in front of more people in an area. So if a boutique posts a photo saying they’re at the LSU Lakes, it might just be a random dress and they chose a random geo location where they thought they could get more eyes on the post. This is aggravating if you’re actually wanting to see photos of the LSU Lakes, but either way, I guess you’ll discover a new boutique lol.

Search Nearby Places

You can also search NEARBY places from where you’re currently at. Click on the little “magnifying glass” icon and then click in the Search Box. You’ll then see tabs for Top, People, Tags and Places.

When you click on “Places” you can click “Nearby” — for me, I see Tiger Stadium, LSU, Mid City, Downtown, The Garden District… and the list goes on.

Then when you click on each one of these, you see photos taken in these spots!

So if you want to see everyone’s tailgate photos after an LSU game, you can search LSU. Or if you want to see everyone’s photos from Live After Five, you could search Downtown Baton Rouge after a Friday night.

Use Instastories

Yep, even Instastories allows you to geo-tag where you are. If you’re on your “Explore” tab on Instagram, you might see suggested “stories” at the top. For me the Baton Rouge story automatically shows up. When clicked, this will show me ALL the most recent (within 24 hours) Instastories that have been posted using “Baton Rouge” as its location.

If you want to get more specific you can click the Magnifying Glass, then Places again. Select a place (like Tiger Stadium), then you’ll be able to see ALL the stories taken inside Tiger Stadium within the past 24 hours too.

A colorful sky of LSU Tiger Stadium | Southern Flair

4- Look at TAGGED photos

One way to discover people is to look at bigger accounts or local businesses’ TAGGED photos.

For example, let’s use Magpie Downtown’s profile (@magpiecafedowntown). If you’re looking at their profile, there are three “viewing” options above their photos. The standard grid, the scroll, or the tagged photos. Click on that third “tagged” tab.

This allows you to see ALL the photos Magpie Downtown has been tagged in. Then, you can see WHO posted the photo. If you like what you see, you can follow that account… for hopefully more pretty coffee photos.

Let’s Wrap:¬†

Ok, geez that was A LOT of information. But hopefully it helped give you some ways to find new local folks to follow beyond what your Explore page sends your way.

Finding new accounts definitely takes time and the good news is new accounts are popping up everyday!

Who are some of your favorite local Instagram accounts to follow??

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  1. Love this post!!! Found some new Louisiana accounts to follow :)

    Posted on October 11, 2017 at 2:26 pm
  2. This is so helpful! I’m the social media poster for the nonprofit I work for. Still trying to learn how to get noticed! And now I found some new accounts to follow. Thank you so much.

    Posted on October 20, 2017 at 3:35 pm
    1. Great to hear!!

      Posted on October 23, 2017 at 10:22 am