It’s October 3rd, so it’s Mean Girls Day! I couldn’t let Mean Girls Day pass without doing something related. So I thought about it — and Mean Girls quotes make it into my life on a daily basis — so why not combine Mean Girls Day with the current football-themed everything we’ve got going on here lately?! Here’s LSU Football meets Mean Girls quotes! And they’re PRINTABLE!

October 3rd - Mean Girls
After last week’s Homecoming loss against Troy, we might not be thaaaat excited about the rest of the season. But we can all get on board with having a good time, tailgating and S**t-talking, right?

My best friend and I brainstormed potential quotes for mixing in LSU football with Mean Girls. My first idea was “You Go, Coach O” buuuut that doesn’t seem like something we really want hanging on our wall at this point haha.

So I went with these six instead….

You Can't Tailgate With Us - Mean Girls LSU Football Tailgate Quote | Southern Flair

Stop Trying To Make Roll Tide Happen - LSU Mean Girls Quotes | Southern Flair

On Saturdays We Wear Purple - LSU Mean Girls Quote | Southern Flair

Get In Loser We're Going Tailgating - LSU Mean Girls Quotes | Southern Flair

I'm A Tiger Duh - LSU Mean Girls Quotes | Southern Flair

I Don't Hate You Because You're a Bama Fan, You're a Bama Fan Because I Hate You - LSU Mean Girls Quotes | Southern Flair

Download them all here!

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