There are three main reasons I’m obsessed with mules for this fall/winter. Number 1, they’re super easy to slide on and take very little effort from me on my rushed mornings. Second, there are about a zillion styles to choose from — any color you can imagine, suede, leather, with bows, with tassels — you name it! Whatever style you want, you can probably find it. And finally, these babies take up such little space in my closet. They hang in a shoe hanger on the back of the door and take up WAY less space than boots do during the winter. So with all these great things these shoes have going for them already, today I’m sharing my top picks for mules under $100. Shop them below and tell me your favorites!

This fall's cutest mules under $100

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Oh, and I thought of a final (fourth bonus) reason I love this style shoe — you can wear it with jeans or dresses. And they’re great for work, play and really any every day wear.

Which is your favorite?

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