Meet Becca Laurent of REBL CREATIVE

Becca Baudry Baton Rouge Jewelry Designer for REBL CREATIVE

In early 2015 before I launched the Baton Rouge Fashion Council, I stumbled across an Instagram post of a local jewelry designer who was looking for bloggers, vendors and creators for a collaboration.

Of course, I insert myself into anything local to Louisiana or Baton Rouge, so I quickly replied. I sent the email to the owner of Savannah Jane and started off by saying “Hey Savannah!” only to later find out her name is actually Becca… Oops.

Luckily, she was nice about it and we sent a few emails back-and-forth about upcoming projects.

And a few months later, she became one of the first members of the Baton Rouge Fashion Council through her jewelry brand!

We met a few times at pop-up shops and events — and now fast forward two years later, she’s one of my really good friends and a great partner in the BRFC! We make sure we meet up for margaritas at least once a month to catch up and bounce ideas off one another. #LocalTribe!

Recently, Becca reached the two-year milestone as a jewelry creator in the Baton Rouge area. At the same time, she felt it was time for a change and rebranded from Savannah Jane into REBL CREATIVE.

Today, she’s dishing on the changes and giving us a closer look into her new brand REBL CREATIVE!

Becca Baudry Baton Rouge Jewelry Designer for REBL CREATIVE

Why did you ultimately decide to shift from Savannah Jane to REBL CREATIVE?

I decided to rebrand officially in July. As cute as the sentiment behind the name, there seemed to be such a huge disconnect between the brand Savannah Jane and me. People kept calling me Savannah on a regular basis, even after I told them my name! (including Leslie Presnall!!!)

What are some of the biggest differences we will see with REBL Creative designs compared to Savannah Jane?

Becca: As the fashion world is ever evolving so have my designs! With Savannah Jane, I was making a lot of totally different designs with different materials and only making one of each. Now, I am making a few styles with the materials that I like working with and changing up the colors available for each style. I feel that this gives my brand a more consistent vision and is not all over the place like my Savannah Jane designs. It also gives me room to grow into more designs, as my business grows!

Becca Baudry Baton Rouge Jewelry Designer for REBL CREATIVE

Where did you get the name REBL CREATIVE?

The REB comes from my initials (Rebecca Elizabeth Baudry). I recently got married in April, which added the “L” to my name. and voila, the name REBL was born. (I am no rebel. LOL!)

Now that you’ve been designing and creating jewelry for two years, how would you describe your overall style as a designer? What are some of your favorite things to create?

Becca: I would describe my designs as sassy and subtle; they are sassy enough to add some pizzazz to a basic outfit but also subtle enough to tone down a wild one! My favorite thing to create are the hoop tassel earrings, which are so fun and I love putting together different color combinations.

Becca Baudry Baton Rouge Jewelry Designer for REBL CREATIVE

How did you get started in jewelry design? How have you continued to grow your business and develop your designs?

Savannah Jane was originally a dress business and I quickly decided that that wasn’t for me. But, I still wanted to do something creative and on my own so I tried out jewelry design and loved it! My business took a back seat when I was planning my wedding. So it is such a blessing that once the wedding was over, I was able to re-start and rebrand with fresh, new ideas and ready to do so much! Rebranding definitely helped hone those new ideas and start with a brand that I would be super proud of.

Becca Baudry Baton Rouge Jewelry Designer for REBL CREATIVE

Now that REBL CREATIVE is a new company, what are your plans for your brand in the future?

Becca: Right now, I am a super small operation, I do everything myself and I also have a full-time job. So, of course, the dream is to make REBL Creative my full-time job. In the meantime, I would absolutely love to do wholesale only, as well as the fabulous BRFC pop-ups. But I am also happy selling one pair of earrings or 100. I really just love doing what I am doing. Brand-wise, I plan on consistently honing my designs and my brand and putting myself out there.

Where can we shop REBL CREATIVE?

Becca: There are a few select designs available on my website. People can also shop my Instagram @reblcreative. I am super excited to say that I am now in Imagine Boutique (Prairieville and Hammond), LD Linens and Decor in Baton Rouge, Corey’s Salon and Spa in New Orleans and now Hemline (Town Centre and Lafayette)!

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