March in Louisiana is always the “real” New Year. Mardi Gras is over, Lent has started and now we have to all get back to our regularly scheduled lives and back to our New Year’s Resolutions. BUT it’s not as bad as it sounds! We have crawfish and baseball season to enjoy AND the weather is absolutely amazing and festival season is right around the corner. Really, tell me a bad time to live in Louisiana — you can’t! Keep reading to find out FIVE reasons I’m excited for this March!

The perfect white floral dress from Nordstrom. Perfect for the Louisiana spring weather!

Outfit Details: Floral Wrap Dress (now marked down 40% — making it less than $35!) | Kate Spade Masquerade Necklace (also marked down from $68 to now $48!) | Blush Suede Heels (less than $50!)

Five Reasons I’m Excited For March!

1- A new spring theme for Southern Flair

You may remember back in January that I announced each month would have a different theme here on Southern Flair. All the blog posts and social media content would connect from the start of the month until the end like a story. We kicked things off with Mardi Gras in January and then continued Mardi Gras vs Valentine’s Day throughout February.

Not gonna lie — I was a little concerned with thinking up themes after Mardi Gras. After focusing on Mardi Gras since the FALL, and seeing how much you guys LOVED the Mardi Gras content, I was a little nervous moving forward. But I’m excited for each month’s theme and think you’ll really enjoy the changes all the way through Christmas (oh, yea talk about planning ahead!)!

Since it is the beginning of spring, March will focus ALL on fresh, spring vibes — think lots of florals, spring cleaning and organization, new trends — and of course some of our Louisiana favorites like crawfish, strawberries and more!

The perfect white floral dress from Nordstrom. Perfect for the Louisiana spring weather!

2- New Spring Trends (but mostly florals)

And speaking of florals, I’m SUPER pumped for ALL the florals that are everywhere. It’s certainly NOT breaking news that florals are everywhere this spring. I’m sharing some of my favorites right here below and am excited to dedicate Wednesdays and Fridays all to shopping new spring favorites through my Wardrobe Wednesday and Friday Fashion Find series.

And if you’re really eager to add something new to your closet, there’s a new Shop Spring 2017 page here (and you can always find it in the top left corner of the blog). It will be constantly changing as I find new items to add, so keep checking back. Currently, you’ll find lots of blush items, blue hues and floral prints!

The perfect white floral dress from Nordstrom. Perfect for the Louisiana spring weather!

3- Birthday Celebrations

March is a BIG month in general because it’s my Half Birthday (which I tend to celebrate more than my real birthday due to football season taking priority in September). Well, in reality I celebrate every month — whether it’s my 5/12 or 1/3 birthday…. Clearly, I don’t need much of an excuse to celebrate :)

BUT also, this March marks SEVEN years of Southern Flair! CRAZY! I’ll be sharing a bigger post to celebrate the anniversary later this month, but for now I’m excited to launch a few new series — like the 30+ Things To Do in Baton Rouge This Month and different smaller monthly series that you’ll just have to wait and see!! Eeek!

The perfect white floral dress from Nordstrom. Perfect for the Louisiana spring weather!

4- Upcoming Baton Rouge Fashion Council Events

I’ll be announcing our NEXT event happening at the beginning of April TONIGHT in the Local Edition Newsletter! (Here’s a hint: shopping, brunch, live music!). And go ahead and save the date for April 2.

And you can go ahead and mark your calendar for our Fall Fashion Fest happening in late August and our annual Boutique Blowout Sale happening September 17. If you know anyone looking to gain experience in event planning or just wanting to do something fun with a lot of cool women business owners, send them my way — planning for these events is already underway!

The perfect white floral dress from Nordstrom. Perfect for the Louisiana spring weather!

5- DIG’s BRAG Awards

Finally, all March long you can VOTE for the Baton Rouge Fashion Council in DIG’s BRAG Awards. We’re nominated for the Best Member Organization.

I cannot tell you how excited I was when the nomination email came a few days ago. I don’t think I’ve ever been nominated for an award (other than like Teacher of the Month lol)! And technically, it’s not ME that’s nominated, but it’s an organization that I started a few years ago, so hey I will TAKE IT! And be super pumped about it.

I love that people love what we’re doing in the BRFC and that people are noticing. Things always start slow (we’re going on three years now!), but it goes to show how it takes time to build something. The BRFC has been a learning curve and there are definitely good and bad days and stressful and easy days. There are days I feel like I’m doing awesome things and days I feel like I’m letting everyone down. It’s such a rollercoaster!

Either way, I’m just so humbled and honored to have even been nominated! You can vote here and read the history of the BRFC in this post from the archives.

Outfit Details: Floral Wrap Dress (now marked down 40% — making it less than $35!) | Kate Spade Masquerade Necklace (also marked down from $68 to now $48!) | Blush Suede Heels (less than $50!)

What are YOU excited for this March? Don’t forget to sign up for the Local Edition to get the scoop first on everything mentioned in today’s post!

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4 thoughts on “5 Reasons I’m Excited for March!

  1. Leslie, what category are you nominated in? I’m looking so I can vote. ☺

    Posted on March 3, 2017 at 2:06 pm
    1. We’re nominated for the best member organization! It’s in the very last section

      Posted on March 7, 2017 at 12:38 pm
  2. I voted!!! Greatest Member Org under People and Community…Geaux Baton Rouge Fashion Council

    Posted on March 4, 2017 at 5:38 pm
    1. Thank you!!!!

      Posted on March 7, 2017 at 12:38 pm