For the past few years, I’ve picked a “Word of the Year” instead of listing resolutions. I first heard about this trend on Twitter where people pick a word to anchor their life around for the year. You can check it out under the hashtag #OneWord2017. Just a quick search will show words like gratitude, thrive, push, risk, nurture, shine and it goes on and on. I can say after 2016, I successfully lived up to my one word and came back to it day after day. Resolutions get broken sometimes just days or weeks into the year, but I found choosing a word keeps you more on track and you can keep coming back to it to remind you what your goals are daily, weekly, or monthly.

Love this winter go-to outfit! Peplum Stripe Top with Tan Duster and Over the knee boots

2016 One Word Reflection:

My 2016 words of the year was self-discipline. I always struggled with wanting to do certain things but struggled to make them happen. I’m the queen of procrastination — and still am — but coming back to that word did help… even if just a little.

I was able to apply my word to my personal life and work life. For starters, I went to gym for the first time ever in my life in January 2016. Even on days that I was tired or didn’t want to go, I came back to my word and pushed myself to go. At the end of 2016, I was still going strong heading to spin, pilates or barre at least a couple times a week — sometimes spending 2+ hours at the gym. Some major health benefits have come from this obviously — like not needing to take my blood pressure medicine for the first time in 5 years!

I also knew if I wanted to continue blogging, taking on other freelance projects, AND running the Baton Rouge Fashion Council successfully that I would have to create more time in my day. I started setting my alarm to 4AM to get a few extra hours of quiet, focused work time in the mornings. Y’all — this changed my world! It’s now my favorite, most sacred time of the day and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Sure, there are a few days I struggle with the self-discipline of getting out of bed, but I remind myself of the positive impact it has on my day. Just starting my day off slowly and how I want to spend it sets up the rest of the day for success and a lot less stress.

Love this winter go-to outfit! Peplum Stripe Top with Tan Duster and Over the knee boots

#OneWord2017: Connect

So when it came to picking a word for 2017, I wanted it to be something I could still apply to myself, my blog, my relationships and my work life. This year, I decided to go with the word connect.

Connect Locally

First, I want to use my blog and the BR Fashion Council as a means to connect more local people. 2016 was really the Year of Local for Southern Flair. (Looking back, “local” should have been my word!) After starting the BRFC in 2015, it just seemed like the direction my blog was heading.

I created my Local Edition newsletter and narrowed Southern Flair’s focus to specifically Louisiana fashion and lifestyle. More than 500 of you signed up and joined my on my Local Edition community (if you haven’t yet, you can do that here!) And yep, I have big plans in 2017 to take my local niche even deeper!

Love this winter go-to outfit! Peplum Stripe Top with Tan Duster and Over the knee boots

Connect Through Video

I also want to connect more with readers through video — specifically Snapchat (let’s be friends here!) and InstaStory (@southernflairblog). Video has always scared the heck out of me (hello, I sound like a country hick on video). I cried my way through broadcasting classes in college, but thanks to the informal vibe of Snapchat, I’ve surprised myself with how comfortable I’ve become with talking to an audience.

Plus, I may or may not have some other video projects in the works….!! Ok ok, so it’s a YouTube channel! But that’s all I’m saying for now!

Love this winter go-to outfit! Peplum Stripe Top with Tan Duster and Over the knee boots

Connect Blog Posts

My main (and maybe most challenging) goal for Southern Flair in 2017 is to connect my blog posts to each other — like a story. I’ll have more on this topic later in the week, but basically each month here on Southern Flair will have a different theme. That theme will connect ALL the blog posts and social media content for the month. So far, I can say it’s taken loads of planning, but I think I’ll enjoy the more focused plan of content than blogging all over the place! Plus, it’s already challenging me to get out of my blogging content comfort zone and explore new topics! Any ideas on what January’s theme might be??

Love this winter go-to outfit! Peplum Stripe Top with Tan Duster and Over the knee boots

Connect IRL

Blogging can be a lonely world. One thing I struggled with SO much in 2016 was feeling isolated and alone and like no one else could relate to what I was doing. Usually, talking to friends or family who wanted to help just made it worse because I felt like they couldn’t understand. So meeting up with other local bloggers and creatives helped a ton (and it’s just nice to see other people go through the same things you do! Makes you feel a lot less crazy!). So on the agenda for 2017 is definitely more face-to-face interactions with local creatives. It’s basically my version of therapy! (LOL!)

I also want to connect more IRL with readers. For starters, more BRFC events beyond simply shopping, but creating experiences that our Louisiana troop can enjoy together. We’ll be announcing a few in just a couple weeks!

Connect Beyond Fashion

It’s been coming for a while now, but I really don’t consider myself a “fashion blogger” anymore. The meaning of a “fashion blogger” has changed SO much since I started Southern Flair in 2010, and honestly girls posting photos of themselves on Instagram who consider themselves “bloggers” are super annoying. #realtalk

I really just prefer the term “content creator” now — because that means you actually write things.

But if we have to go with the term “blogger,” I’ll say fashion AND lifestyle blogger, with a heavy emphasis on the word lifestyle. This year, I can’t wait to expand Southern Flair and create content around Baton Rouge and everything it has to offer. I LOVE my city and I want to share that passion with readers and explore restaurants, businesses and people that can inspire us and let us have the best year yet in Baton Rouge!

Love this winter go-to outfit! Peplum Stripe Top with Tan Duster and Over the knee boots

Connect on a Personal Level

Wow, if you’ve made it this far — props to you! But with all that said, I think when it comes to connecting on a personal level, I need to be more aware of when it’s time to disconnect. Sometimes instead of being a social media manger + blogger + content creator — I just need to be Leslie. I’m going to focus on having more conversations with friends and family not about blogging. This year, I’ll take more time to disconnect from my phone and Instagram and Snapchat and just be me and live in the moment.

What’s your One Word for 2017??

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2 thoughts on “What’s Your One Word for 2017?

  1. I love your focus and idea of connection in 2017! I enjoy your blog so much because I feel like I’m stepping into Baton Rouge and you’re showing me around :) can’t wait to see all you have planned in the new year!

    Posted on January 3, 2017 at 5:52 am
  2. I love your word connect for the new year. Anytime you want to connect over crawfish and beer let me know!

    Posted on January 4, 2017 at 9:44 pm