New Year’s health resolutions are all fine and good until you walk into your local grocery store and see STACKS of King Cakes staring you in the face. That’s exactly what happened to be tonight… After two hours spent at the gym (yea, I’m not kidding around, 2017), I walked into Rouses to see 50 King Cakes all stacked up and ready to be taken home with me.

I literally RAN away and filled my basket with bananas and apples, but I’m not sure how long I can hold out! I already cheated over the holidays and got a Christmas-themed King Cake (if that even counts!). I knew my craving couldn’t last until the New Year.

So, if it’s time to start indulging in King Cakes for the next two months — because you know it’s an acceptable breakfast food as well as dessert after every meal (and maybe a snack too!) — then I guess I’ll be sticking to my current gym routine. Lots of pilates, spin and barre are in my future!

So what helps me stay motivated to go to the gym? New athletic wear, of course! And even better than that — I love wearing graphic tanks with funny phrases. My favorite of all time is this Daiquiri and Dreams tank, plus I wear a whole lot of SFT to the gym. Always reppin’ Louisiana!

So for today’s Wardrobe Wednesday, we’re working on sticking to our 2017 fitness goals and looking cool AF while we do it. Here’s a little #ootd gym inspiration for ya….

When it's Mardi Gras in Louisiana and you're trying to stick to your New Year's fitness goals! Gotta work off that extra slice of king cake in this cute athletic look! Shop it now on Southern Flair!

Outfit Details: (1) Everything Hurts and I’m Dying Tank | (2) S’well Sparkling Champagne Stainless Steel Water Bottle | (3)  ‘Fly By’ Print Running Mid-Tights (now 40% off!) | (4) Nike ‘Cortez Ultra Moire’ Sneaker | (5) Fitbit Charge 2 in Lavender

Shop The Look:

The New Year Shop

p.s. The Southern Flair Holiday Gift Shop has now converted to the NEW YEAR Shop for January 2017! Everything from workout gear, sneakers, planners, water bottles — anything you need to have a healthy and organized New Year. Check it out here!

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