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Flamingo Slippers and Mardi Gras Donuts

Flamingo Slippers

Mardi Gras King Cake Donuts & Mimosas

What I’m wearing: Spanishtown Mardi Gras tee c/o Southern Football Tees |
Flamingo Slippers- ASOS (also here) | Faux Leather Leggings c/o Legwear Loft |
Martha Stewart Whim Flamingo Sheets- Macy’s

When it comes to Mardi Gras in Louisiana, King Cake is definitely accepted as breakfast food — at least in my book! If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen my “healthy” breakfast posts when it comes to Carnival Season.

I know January is a time for sticking to New Year’s Resolutions, hitting the gym, and working on your fitness… but that’s nearly impossible with King Cake everywhere you turn. And we have King Cake-flavored everything — lattes, milkshakes, cheesecake, you name it! So no New Years Resolutions here until after Mardi Gras.

And today I’m putting my own on spin on things to create King Cake-inspired donuts. Sure you can pick these up from any local donut shop, but that would require putting on pants. And real shoes.

Keep reading today’s post for this easy glazed donut recipe!

How to make Mardi Gras King Cake Donuts

Easy Mardi Gras King Cake- Inspired Donuts:

What you need:

  • Pre-made donuts (or you can make your own using canned biscuit dough)
  • 1-2 cups confectioners’ sugar (sifted)
  • 3-4 tablespoons milk or water
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • Sanding Sugar (I used lavender, green and yellow)

How to Make Mardi Gras King Cake Donuts

To create the glaze, pour milk (or water) into the confectioners’ sugar. Stir until mixed.

How to Make Mardi Gras King Cake Donuts

Dip donut into the glaze mixture.

How to Make Mardi Gras King Cake Donuts

Sprinkle sanding sugar over the donut using a spoon.

How to Make Mardi Gras King Cake Donuts

Repeat and enjoy!

How to Make Mardi Gras King Cake Donuts

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Photos by Maggie Bowles | Blue Lemon Co.

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