Happy Friday AND Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m also celebrating my SEVENTH (!!!!!!!) blog birthday this month! So today, I’m sharing a bit about how my blog has changed over years, and I’m also doing something I’ve NEVER done here on Southern Flair. I’m opening up a READER SURVEY for your feedback!

Take the Southern Flair 2017 Reader Survey for your chance to WIN a FREE blowout from Drybar,located at Perkins Rowe in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

Take the reader survey here!

Holy cow! Seven years??? I remember when I first started by blog in 2010, College Fashion was the only blog I read. And I’m not sure I even really knew what I “blog” was, but here we are 7 years later!

So whether you’ve been a reader for all 7 years (probably only my mom has stuck around that long) or if you just found me, THANK YOU for reading and following along!

When I first started, this was a just a hobby. I had no idea it could turn into a full-time or even part time job when I started. It took me several years to think of it as a serious gig, but my little blog has stemmed into so many other things for me — from becoming a content creator for a couple local businesses to founding the Baton Rouge Fashion Council. I didn’t expect ANY of that when I started and so many things I love about blogging today didn’t even exist back then! It’s crazy to think about how much times have changed.

In fact, it wasn’t until a little over a year ago that I shifted Southern Flair’s entire focus from a personal fashion blog to a LOUISIANA fashion and lifestyle blog.

I began to write posts specifically around Baton Rouge to highlight some of the amazing, unique things and people were have in the South. With the founding of the Baton Rouge Fashion Council in 2015, it just seemed like the right direction for my blog to take this past year or so.

But that change was very scary to me. I felt like I was narrowing my focus SO small that I might not have an audience anymore. I was concerned about losing my followers that lived in other parts of the country (and those two random readers in Australia). And I was concerned that bigger,national brands wouldn’t want to work with such a locally-based blogger.

BUT now seven years in, I can say that this change was the best decision I’ve ever made for Southern Flair. I feel like I’ve finally found my people!

I no longer feel like just another fashion blogger shouting out to the world about my latest outfit. I’ve found my niche (and no one else is doing the SAME THING!) and I’ve never felt like I have a clearer direction of where my blog is heading than I do now.

With going in a more local direction, in January 2016 I launched my Local Edition newsletter, which focused exclusively on Louisiana fashion & lifestyle. To my surprise more than 500 of you joined me! (If you’re not on the list yet, you can sign up here!) Seriously, you guys are the absolute best.

So anyway, I would LOVE it if you would take my Reader Survey and give me your feedback, so I can learn a little bit more about YOU and what you enjoy most!

The survey is 100% anonymous, but you have the option of submitting your email at the end for your chance to win a FREE blowout from Drybar, located at Perkins Rowe. And don’t worry, I still won’t know your answers go with your email address — so it stays anonymous! :)

Here’s the survey link one more time!

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