A few weeks ago on Instastory, I shared a bit of my workout routine & my biggest tip for making it to the gym (spoiler alert: I use a planner). So today I thought it would be fun/helpful to share my FULL current workout routine and my other biggest tips to get you to the gym. So whether you’re making a lifestyle change, want to feel better and have more energy or want to tone up before swimsuit season, hopefully you can get a little motivated! Check out my schedule + tips below… and don’t forget about the disclaimer section! :)

After This We're Getting Pizza! Bando Bag + Yoga Mat & Weights | Sharing my workout routine, plus five tips to get you to the gym!

(I choose at least two of the following three)

Pilates + Spin/Indoor Cycling (45 min class) + Circuit Training

*I also currently play volleyball at Mango’s on Mondays, so I fit in whatever I can before or after the game.


H.A.B.I.T + Body Sculpt

(I choose at least two of the following three)

Pilates + Spin/Indoor Cycling + Boot Camp


Run (30 minutes) + PiYo (Pilates/Yoga Blend)


Happy Hour Day!
(But if I’m feeling good, I might run for 30 minutes after work!)




Run (30 minutes) and/or Play Softball (spring only)

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A few disclaimers:

  • My workout routine probably makes me sound WAY more badass than I actually am. I just do my best each day — some days I feel like super woman and some days I have the strength of a toddler. The point is, I’m working out and moving either way.
  • I didn’t get my first gym membership until January 2016 (so a little over a year ago). I’m still learning correct form and more about the equipment every day. I ask a TON of questions and always double check that I’m doing the move right. (better to do a few moves the right way than all your reps the wrong way and risk getting injured). I have no shame in being a newbie and annoying the instructor! lol
  • I’m sore pretty much every day of my life.

After This We're Getting Pizza! Bando Bag + Yoga Mat & Weights | Sharing my workout routine, plus five tips to get you to the gym!

My Tips For Making It To the Gym

1. Schedule your workout routines and make them TOP priority. The first thing I do every week is schedule out exactly what times I’m going into the gym. I keep everything organized in a Google calendar, and I mark those in separate colors so they really stick out on my whole schedule. Then, I stick to it. If I don’t have plans already for the week, then I’ll try extra hard not to make plans during those workout times. #commitment

2. Sign up for a variety of classes at your gym. I highly suggest classes for two reasons. First, for motivation. I’m way less likely to quit if I’m tired when I’m in a room full of people doing the same thing. Second, for consistency. Knowing a class starts and ends at a specific time gets me going to the gym on a regular schedule instead of saying I’ll go whenever… and then not go at all. All about routine!

3. Sad, but true.. New workout clothes,  new sneakers, or new water bottles get me excited to head to the gym. Heck, these days I get excited over new hair ties! I’m a huge fan of graphic workout tees with goofy sayings (like Lift Heavy Eat Tacos & Will Run For Pizza) and even my bag says “After This We’re Getting Pizza.” I’m sharing some of my favorites at the end of this post, so do you a little shopping to get started! You might also get more motivated to get moving if you have something fancy tracking you like a Fitbit. I’m obsessed with these new ones: this gold one, this lavender one, and this pink one.

4. Find a buddy and go together. It helps to have someone to stick with you and encourage you. I’m super socially awkward when I go to places for the first time, so it makes me feel better just to have a friend make the first trip with me. On the flip side, don’t rely 100% on the buddy. Everyone has different adulting schedules, so you should aim to make it to the gym even if your friend can’t. Plus, the more you go, the more “gym friends” you’ll make in the class! And they’ll definitely start noticing if you skip a class.

5. Think of how you will feel after a workout. On days I’m tired or just want a nap, I envision my end results. It might seem cheesy, but it’s SO true. Of course what I’m going to eat for dinner is also in the back of my mind the whole workout… so whether your end result is getting to eat ALL the tacos or if it’s flatter abs. Just envision that until you get to the finish line.

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