It seems like since New Year’s I’ve been seeing nothing but Whole30-everything on social media. I’m not entirely sure what Whole30 even is, but I have a feeling it doesn’t include King Cake, so count me out. But whether it’s Whole30 or some other 30 Day Fitness Challenge, there’s A LOT of 30-themed challenges out there. SO today, since we are officially THIRTY days away from Mardi Gras weekend, I wanted to give you the 30 Day KING CAKE Challenge! I’ve rounded up the BEST King Cakes in Baton Rouge — from traditional cakes to beer, coffee, ice cream and more! Check out the list below and see how many you’ve had!
Southern Flair's King Cake Challenge! Try the best 30 King Cakes in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! How many have you had?

Wow! That’s A LOT of King Cakes! How many have you tried?? I’ve got a lot of eating to do before February 28 if I want to mark some of these off my list — and I’ll probably need to amp up┬ámy workout game while I’m at it.

Any other suggestions on cakes to try? Leave me a comment and let me know! Good luck :)

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