Today, I’m sharing how to make the most of your time with two days to explore Florence, Italy. This is the final post in a four-part series covering our 10-day trip through Italy with stops in Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Capri, Venice and Florence.

A Travel Guide - How To Spend Two Days in Florence Italy and Tuscany
Florence almost wasn’t a stop on our trip, but it ended up being one of my favorite spots!

I don’t know why, but I wasn’t that excited about ever visiting Florence, which is why I hadn’t visited it on previous trips. But from hearing friends talk, everyone said it was their favorite place, so I was like… fiiiiine… I’ll do ONE day in Florence and one day in Tuscany.

OMG best decision ever… and we could have definitely stayed longer.

A Travel Guide - How To Spend Two Days in Florence Italy and Tuscany

Exploring Florence in One Day:

We took a train from Venice to Florence (only a couple hours) and hit the ground running when we got into Florence. We had so much to see in just one day.

We started with the main points like the Duomo, the Uffizi, and the Ponte Vecchio bridge.

Then, we booked a nighttime Segway tour.

You guys, I freaking LOVE Segway tours — anything that makes me a super cheesy tourist, I am 100% on board.

Our tour guide took us to all the main points again (but this time at night) and filled us in on lots of history (geez though, Florence is OLD so it was a lot of history to take in)

We rode over to the Arno River, which was hopping! We saw outdoor movies, outdoor concerts, street dancing — SO much happening on the river near the Ponte Vecchio bridge.

**we had some extra time the next night after our day in Tuscany, so we actually came back to this area and cross the river toward the Piazzale Michelangelo for an amazing panoramic view of the city. We caught it at JUST the perfect time for the sunset.

A Vespa Tour Through Tuscany-

This day was full of excitement, beautiful landscapes and pure terror of Conrad driving me around on a Vespa.

But this was the BEST recommendation I got for our trip — and I think everyone should do it.

A Travel Guide - How To Spend Two Days in Florence Italy and Tuscany
We met our tour at the train station and took a bus about an hour toward Sienna. From there, we were quickly trained on the Vespas and then we were off — already driving 60 mph through the Tuscan hills!

We stopped along the way at photo-perfect spots and cute little towns. Then, we made our way to Poggio Amorelli Winery.

Here we had a wine tasting + lunch with our group. There were only about 15-20 of us, so we all got to chat and make friends.

A Travel Guide - How To Spend Two Days in Florence Italy and Tuscany
Then for whatever reason after trying 5 different wines we got BACK on our Vespas for another 1-2 hours of driving through the countryside.

This tour also included multiple gelato stops, so you really can’t complain about that!

A Travel Guide - How To Spend Two Days in Florence Italy and Tuscany
Afterwards, a charter bus took us all back into Florence where we had the rest of the evening to explore more and eat a true Florence meal — Florentine steak!

The sunset is fairly late in the evening, so we had plenty of time after dinner to cross the river and walk up a million stairs toward Piazzale Michelangelo to catch the sun going down!

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