Today, I’m sharing how to make the most of a weekend getaway to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. If you’re looking for a place to visit just a short drive away, here’s where to stay, what to see, eat, drink and do! And be sure to tell me your favorite things to do in the comments!

The Roost Hotel in Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Earlier in June, I teamed up with Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast to help plan my weekend trip. Initially, I really only knew of Biloxi — the casinos, the beach, etc. But I’m SO happy I was introduced to Ocean Springs, which is where we stayed for the weekend. It’s right across the bridge from Biloxi, so you’re still nearby. But Ocean Springs is such a charming little community that I just fell in love with — and am already wondering when I can plan a trip back!

Really, the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast did not disappoint! This 62-mile stretch includes the coastal communities of Bay St. Louis, Biloxi, Gulfport and Ocean Springs — all within a couple hours driving from Baton Rouge.

A Weekend Travel Guide to the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Where To Stay

The highlight of the weekend trip, was definitely our hotel. We stayed at The Roost — a little boutique hotel in Ocean Springs with only 6 rooms. The entire property is surrounded by oak trees and just a short walk from the beach. This historic building (dating back to the 1860s!) was recently renovated and opened this past spring.

The Roost Hotel in Ocean Springs, Mississippi
The attention to every detail was very clear here — from fresh flowers everywhere you turn to the accent wood walls and ceilings using the home’s original wood.  As if the rooms weren’t adorable enough themselves, the rocking chairs on the balcony and the seating area (and more fresh flowers!) in breezeway where I had my morning coffee just really sold me.

The Roost Hotel in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

The Roost Hotel in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

The Roost Hotel in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

The Roost Hotel in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Night 1 – Dinner + Drinks

For dinner our first night we headed to Murky Waters Blues-N-BBQ on Government Street in Ocean Springs. This was also an old house from the 1950s that has been renovated and now has a wooden bar, a large covered patio and an outdoor stage.

And afterwards, we wandered down Government Street (even though it was starting to rain a bit). I learned Government Street is the main spot for nightlife in Ocean Springs. There are museums, restaurants and bars along this quaint little street, so it was nice to be able to stay all in one area — and only about 5 minutes from our hotel.

We stopped at The Government Grocery to try some local beers. And no, it’s not a real grocery store like it sounds (although that would be cool too!)! I tried out a Free Mason Golden, which is from Chandeleur Brewing Co located in Gulfport.

Then we made our way to The Beer House, which had 42 beers on tap and a cool outdoor patio area — even in the pouring rain.

Day 2 – Sightseeing + Exploring

After our morning coffee on the patio, we walked to breakfast at The Greenhouse on Porter — and it’s exactly like it sounds — a greenhouse on Porter Street! The quirky little restaurant describes itself as “Currently a coffee, biscuit, beer and art shop, but it will grow into something magical and unknown.”

Breakfast at The Greenhouse on Porter in Ocean Springs, Mississippi | A Weekend Travel Guide to Mississippi Gulf Coast
The menu is short and sweet — biscuits & coffee for the most part — and that’s ALL you need! I went with the simple biscuit with pimento cheese — and if someone knows why the Mississippi Gulf Coast is obsessed with pimento cheese, please fill me in! I’m all about it! It seemed to be on the menu a lot and I was totally diggin’ it!

Breakfast at The Greenhouse on Porter in Ocean Springs, Mississippi | A Weekend Travel Guide to Mississippi Gulf Coast
We had a short break from the rain, so we went to see the beach. Lots of people were out and about walking and exercising. We just walked the pier and enjoyed the peaceful moment before getting on with our day.

A Weekend Travel Guide to the Mississippi Gulf Coast
It started raining (again), so we visited the Walter Anderson Museum of Art. Consider this your rainy day guide to MS Gulf Coast — touring museums seemed like the perfect thing to do! But even without the museum stop, you really see Walter Anderson all over the town, including at our hotel where each room is named with inspiration from Anderson’s art.

Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs, MS | A Weekend Travel Guide to the Mississippi Gulf Coast
Before moving to Ocean Springs, Anderson grew up in New Orleans. So one of the things I was most surprised about is how connected the MS Gulf Coast is to Louisiana and New Orleans culture… This obviously makes complete sense with them being located so close to one another.

The cities and atmospheres are completely different (both in their own charming way), but it does make the MS Gulf Coast feel more familiar — especially when you consider how they’re connected through art, history, and even through Hurricane Katrina.

Ohr-O-Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi, MS | Gulf Coast Travel Guide by Southern Flair
Our next museum stop was the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art — and just look how cool it is! The museum is set up in little pods for the various exhibits. My favorite one was the Hurricane Katrina pod — which showed the city before Katrina, after the devastation, and today since its rebuilding. We spent about an hour here checking it all out!

Biloxi Brewing Company

After we left, it would have been nice to visit the beach, rent some jet skis and just enjoy the sunshine. BUUT the rain was just not stopping. So we kept our indoor activities going after lunch… We headed to to the Biloxi Brewing Company.

Now, I visit quite a bit of breweries, and I REALLY enjoyed this one. First of all, the owners were the ones serving you beer and telling you about the equipment and brewing process — which I feel like you rarely encounter in a brewery tour. So that was cool.

Also, they do their own canning in house. I’ve seen huge beer companies like Coors do their own canning — but never in a smaller craft brewery. Also very cool.

For about $10, you sample six beers and get a tour. In July they’re adding several new beers on tap, so a trip back really needs to happen ASAP. This was just a fun place all around — very cool, chill atmosphere, and everyone was just everyone’s BFF while there.

Beers at the Biloxi Shuckers baseball game | A Weekend Travel Guide to the Mississippi Gulf Coast
To wrap up our first night, we went to my first minor league baseball game ever! We went to the Biloxi Shuckers game at MGM Park. This was great for multiple reasons — you really feel more like a local when cheering on their team, it’s inexpensive — and who doesn’t love the relaxing feeling of sitting at a baseball game? Oh, and it stopped raining!

I also hear the oysters are really good at the stadium too!

Before heading back to Ocean Springs, we ate dinner at Half Shell Oyster House — also known for their oysters (obviously). We couldn’t leave the Gulf Coast without grabbing some seafood!

Day 3- The Scenic Route Back

I’m not gonna lie — Day 3 was a sad one. I did NOT want to leave The Roost. But since they didn’t ask me to move in officially (yet), I packed my bags and started heading back towards Louisiana.

The Roost Hotel in Ocean Springs, Mississippi
 We took the scenic route via US 90 to drive along the coast to Bay St. Louis, which was about 45 minutes away. We saw so many things left for us to do/see/visit in the Biloxi area — like Beauvoir, the Biloxi Lighthouse and of course the beach, which made for a nice Sunday morning drive.

Once we got in Bay St. Louis, we had brunch at Lulu’s on Main Street, where there was a jazz band playing. I had the Eggplant Benedict and oooommmggg... So good. The only thing… is if you want a Bloody Mary with your brunch, you have to bring your own vodka! Haha — they have everything else for you, but be prepared!

Pop Brothers Popsicles in Bay St. Louis | A Weekend Travel Guide to The Mississippi Gulf Coast

We’d heard so much about Pop Brothers, so we couldn’t leave without grabbing a handcrafted Popsicle. And we made sure we walked down to the harbor area to check out all the boats we can’t afford before hitting the road back home!
Bay St. Louis Harbor

Ok, so where are your favorite places to visit along the Mississippi Gulf Coast? I would have loved more time to check out Gulfport and Fishbone Alley and the other museums and historic sites mentioned. Tell me what cool places you’ve found!

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Special thanks to Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast for helping us plan our trip and for providing us with hotel accommodations and complimentary meals. All views expressed are my own.

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3 thoughts on “A Weekend Travel Guide to the Mississippi Gulf Coast

  1. Great piece. My great grandparents lived in New Orleans and had a “country home” on the MS Gulf Coast. Apparently a lot of New Orleanians did at the time – a respite to get out of the city. Maybe that’s why there’s such a connection.

    Posted on June 29, 2017 at 9:22 pm
  2. My husband and I, were going to Biloxi, the week of this year,when the hurricane hit there again. Still planning on going, and the above info. Will help a lot. We have been there before but did not know of the places mentioned. But, I will visit some of the places you made sound so inviting. Thanks for heads up!!

    Posted on October 22, 2017 at 10:04 am
  3. Next time you go, you MUST go to The Shed BBQ and Blues, Aunt Jenny’s Restaurant in OS, or Taranto’s for some great seafood.

    Posted on October 28, 2017 at 5:10 pm