You know what’s fun? Traveling. You know what’s not fun? Paying for it. So today I teamed up with Groupon to share a few ways you can save on your summer travel plans!

Save on summer travel with Groupon getaway deals.

So what is Groupon & how does it work?

If you’ve never used Groupon, let me introduce you (and you can thank me later!). Groupon is an online marketplace where you can discover and save on things to do, see, eat and buy — in 28 countries around the world. (And yep, Baton Rouge, USA is included!)

If you love doing fun things and you love saving money on said things, Groupon will send you an email each day with a deal-of-the-day in your city. And these deals can be really good like 50% off at a local restaurant, store, spa, dentist — you name it!

Or you can just head to and type in your city and all the current deals will pop up. I like that it shows the “real” price and your price for getting it through Groupon. When you make the purchase, you typically have a certain date that you need to redeem it by.

Conrad and I have tried several restaurants using Groupon. We actually used the Tin Roof Brewing Co. Groupon just last month! We got two pints of beer, two take-home pint glasses and a filled growler all for $26. We added it up, and it would have cost us almost $50 without the Groupon deal. So we win! We practically made money to drink beer! ;)

OK, so let’s talk about how you can save OUT of your city and when you’re traveling this summer.

Save on summer travel with Groupon getaway deals.

1 – Save on FULL Vacation Getaways

LOVE going on vacation, but I really hate planning. This way Groupon packages do the hard part for you. There are literally over 1,000 getaways to choose from — including trips right here in the US all the way to 10-Day Thailand trips, all inclusive beach resort stays in Jamaica, and even guided China trips!

You can search by typing in the destination itself. Or search by interest like beach, outdoor & adventure, under $99, etc. I really like that you can take care of the flight, hotel(s), sightseeing and literally everything right from Groupon.

It’s kind of like when you went on field trips in high school — you get an itinerary and everything — making it WAY less stressful for you to plan and guide yourself.

Oh, and there’s even a Last-Minute search option if you’re feeling like you need a vacation ASAP!

How to save on summer travel with Groupon. Save on things to do, see, eat, and drink in the city you're traveling.

2- Save on things to do in the city

Just like you find daily deals any our own city, you can search for the daily deals in the city you’ll be traveling. This is a great way to find deals on restaurants, attractions, tours, rentals and even hotels.

Just for fun I typed in “New Orleans” and found discounts on ghost tours, Saints tickets, bike rentals, and several hotels.

You can narrow your search even further by location within the city — so you can find things to do near where you’ll be staying!

Save on summer travel with Groupon Coupons. Save on hotels, flights, shopping and more!

3- Save with Groupon Coupons

Now the fun part! Groupon has partnered with 1000s of stores and businesses you already use every day to offer coupon codes. So when you’re shopping online, click on that “Coupon” tab at the top of Groupon to see if there’s a current code you can use!

When it comes to making travel plans, you can use Groupon to find coupon codes for, Expedia, Priceline, and even Hertz for car rentals.

All you do is copy/paste the coupon code from Groupon when you’re checking out to apply your discount.

And since you can’t travel without clothes (duh!), you’ll need to go shopping for yourself before your trip right?? Groupon Coupons also feature coupon deals from Nordstrom, ASOS, Express, Nike, Kate Spade, Forver 21 and soooo many more.

Today’s post was sponsored by Groupon. All opinions are my own.

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