The fact that I already love Louisiana is really no secret — have you read my blog? lol BUT just in case YOU need a little convincing… take out your phone and type in #OnlyLouisiana into Instagram. Now, tell me all those photos don’t get you excited to live here in Louisiana!!

Just with a quick scroll, I see photos of sunsets over the water, the Street Car in New Orleans, people celebrating at festivals, oh and ALL the food — beignets, crawfish, shrimp, gumbo, snowballs and King Cake.

(And very soon to include these pelican pool float photos at the LSU Lakes!)

Join the #OnlyLouisiana Bayou Krewe and share your local love for Louisiana on Instagram!
I mean, raise your hand if you’ve discovered somewhere new because of Instagram. Ok, what about somewhere LOCAL that you didn’t know about? Instagram has introduced me to SO many new places, brands and people in the past several years — probably that I would have never found otherwise.

I personally love seeing how everyone shares their different local lifestyles through Instagram… and now even Instastories. It really puts a new perspective on things! And like I said, you can discover SO much and even experience events and places you can’t currently visit, plus create a sense of community like never before.

Join the #OnlyLouisiana Bayou Krewe and share your local love for Louisiana on Instagram!
#OnlyLouisiana is the official hashtag of the new Ambassador Program. This is an initiative by Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, which encourages local folks like you and me to keep sharing our love for Louisiana through Instagram and other social media platforms.

If you’re frequently taking photos featuring anything Louisiana (food, culture, outdoors, etc.), then you should definitely sign up! It’s 100% free and anytime you share a photo with #OnlyLouisiana, you’re automatically entered into a monthly giveaway with prizes from Southern Marsh, Tchoup Industries and Kysek Coolers — all local companies!

Join the #OnlyLouisiana Bayou Krewe and share your local love for Louisiana on Instagram!
The idea behind the ambassador program is that no one person can be at all 400+ festivals and enjoy everything Louisiana has to offer, but everyone should be inspired by it. So Louisiana Travel and the Lt. Governor are looking for locals and visitors to sign up and tag their photos with #OnlyLouisiana to encourage travel and tourism across the state.

Also, if you need a little inspiration, each month an eNewsletter goes out with a photo challenge. This month is #OnlyLouisiana and #LouisianaMusic. Each eNewsletter features four of the top photos from the previous month’s challenge and anything tagged with #OnlyLouisiana has the opportunity of being featured on Louisiana Travel’s home page.

Join the #OnlyLouisiana Bayou Krewe and share your local love for Louisiana on Instagram!

Plus, when you sign up you get an official Bayou Krewe sticker in the mail!

You can use your sticker in other normal ways — other than hanging out with your giant inflatable pelican on the Lakes — but hey, he’s here to borrow if you need him!

Go sign up here and join me as a Bayou Krewe Ambassador!

p.s. Your LOCAL Guide to Baton Rouge and A Weekend Travel Guide to Covington, LA

Photos by Maggie Bowles | Blue Lemon Co.

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