All I can say is thank goodness one-piece outfits like rompers and jumpsuits are so dang trendy right now! They make packing for summer travel super easy. One-piece outfits for each day you’re traveling will save space in your suitcase and make outfit planning THAT much easier!

One-piece stripe jumpsuit is perfect for summer travel!
Next month, Conrad and I are taking a 10-day tour of Italy. The first time I went to Europe, I struggled SO much with lugging my suitcase around. It made for some really miserable traveling at times.

The next time I went to Europe, I swore I wouldn’t bring a suitcase. But I guess too many years passed and I had blocked out the terrible memories of dragging luggage over cobblestone or of carrying my suitcase up tiny narrow staircases.

I also forgot how European guys are NOT American guys and they will not help you lift your luggage onto the train lol.

So I brought my luggage to Europe for a second time. BIG mistake… especially when traveling around to different countries or cities.

So this summer, I’m sticking to a BACKPACK! Yep, a backpack. That’s not a typo.

I’ve been thinking hard on this and exactly how I plan on packing for 10 days in only a backpack. But lucky me, I think these one-piece jumpsuits and rompers (and even lightweight dresses) are going to save the day!

My plan is to pack ONLY one-piece outfits. No jeans, no shorts, no tops. I’m thinking I’ll save a TON of space when packing this way. Plus, I won’t waste time before the trip planning outfits.

One-piece stripe jumpsuit is perfect for summer travel!

Why One-Piece Outfits Are the Way to Go:

Easy Planning – 

Do you ever spend the night before a trip literally destroying your bedroom? Clothes are thrown every where and you feel like you have nothing to wear? Packing one-piece outfits like jumpsuits and rompers take the headache out of outfit planning. Don’t worry about waiting time pairing tops with bottoms… and then bags and shoes. Count out dresses, rompers, jumpsuits for how many days you’ll be traveling and call it done! Pack neutral shoes that can go with multiple outfits to make it even easier.

Light Packing – 

If you’re not taking up space with tops, bottoms and everything else you’ll save a ton of space in your suitcase or bag. Lightweight sundresses or jumpsuits/rompers can roll or fold easily without taking up too much space.

Versatility – 

Think about how versatile a romper, jumpsuit or sundress is! Go casual and comfortable during the day for sightseeing, then add wedges or heels at night when you go out. Two for one, right! Plus, any of these would just as easily make great swimsuit cover ups.

Problem solved! :)

One-piece stripe jumpsuit is perfect for summer travel!

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