Happy Monday! I’ve been checking my Reader Survey like a crazy person to read all the ideas everyone is sharing. So far there’s been a TON of comments about wanting to see more free/cheaper things to do for fun here in Baton Rouge. And I decided I’m not even gonna wait around for the survey to close before I start putting together post ideas! So since it’s Monday — and we’re ready for the weekend before the week even starts — we’re talking cheap spring date ideas in Baton Rouge today! While this post centers more around BTR, many of the ideas can be used for any city!

Cheap and Free Spring Date Ideas in Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Southern Flair

Now that parade season is officially over, it got me thinking about what to do now. Lucky for us our weather is already pretty amazing here in Baton Rouge, so ALL I want to do is be outside.

And turns out, there are a lot of free/cheap things to do outside in Baton Rouge during the spring! And really, you can do any of these things with your boyfriend, first date or even a group of friends!

One of the things I originally liked (and still like!) about Conrad is that he’s always up for trying new things and going places. He likes to be out and about just as much as I do (thank goodness because I could never date a couch potato — also I don’t think I’ve used the word “coach potato” since 1997)! Either way, we’re always looking for events going on or things to do — whether that’s just a good happy hour or a big festival.

So today, I’m sharing 5 date ideas that WE go on and I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

1- Outdoor Concert Series

Live After 5 is by far one of our favorite ways to spend a Friday evening in the spring. And the best part is it’s completely FREE! Whether you’ve been dating a while or just started dating, it’s a great laid back atmosphere. You can talk (or not talk) as much as you’d like or just relax on a picnic blanket and listen to the music.

Rock N Rowe is another fun outdoor concert series at Perkins Rowe. It’s also free and on a Thursday night, so it’s a great way to kick off the weekend a little early. I’m pretty obsessed with both Kona Grill and Lava Cantina (both good date spots too!), and Rock N Rowe happens right in the middle of the two. You can sit out on either patio and enjoy the music while sippin’ adult beverages or go out and dance! You can see the spring line up here.

The Blues Festival is one of my favorite festivals here in Baton Rouge and another free date option! You can go out early in the day or stay late into the evening. It’s the same type of atmosphere as Live After 5 — just typically more people since it happens over only 2 days. It’s happening downtown next month on April 8-9, so mark your calendar! It’s always a good time.

2- Be Active Outside

If you’ re looking to shed some of those sweater-weather pounds before swimsuit season, then it’s the perfect time to get more active — and make it a little more fun by turning it into a date.

Running the LSU Lakes is one active date option that’s completely free. If you’re looking to take it easy and have a good conversation, go for a walk around the lakes instead. (Or if you would pass out and die from running the whole lake like me, definitely walk — no shame).

You can also rent canoes/kayaks through the LSU UREC. This is some serious team building here — especially if you’re in the same kayak! Conrad and I fuss at each other too much to be in the same kayak, so we have to opt for separate ones…lol sad but true.

Another way Conrad and I are being active outdoors this spring is by playing co-ed sports together. We’re playing softball together every Sunday through BREC and volleyball together at Mangos on Mondays. Signing up does cost, but once you divide it by the number of games you’ll be playing, it definitely comes out cheaper than a dinner date or drinks somewhere.

If signing up for a sports league sounds a little intimidating or time consuming, go play golf (or even mini putt!) or go to the batting cages one day!

Or even watch other sporting events, like LSU Baseball. This is actually one of my favorite ways to enjoy a weeknight. Is there anything as relaxing as a baseball game? Depending on the game, you can typically get seats in the outfield for a pretty low cost.

3- Go on a brewery tour

The number of breweries across the state is seriously growing. It seems like micro-breweries are popping up everywhere lately. And with spring, comes new seasonal flavors to try!

And you know what’s great about brewery tours? They’re freeeeeee!

The tour is free, so you just pay to drink. You’ll pay for drinks at a bar anyway, so why not get educated during the process?

Conrad and I tried out Southern Craft Brewery (14141 Airline Hwy #4J) a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. It was super tiny, but everyone there was so friendly and it was just a great relaxed atmosphere. Most of their beers were around the $5 price range, so not bad at all! The guy that gave us our tour knew SO much about beer and could answer pretty much any question we had.

There’s also Tin Roof Brewing Co. (1624 Wyoming St) that would make a really fun date option! You can hang out in their tap room or head outside to their patio or play corn hole together. They also do FREE yoga every Wednesday, so you’ll check off being active too.

4- Go on a picnic

Perfect picnic weather is hard to find in Baton Rouge. There’s a very small time frame between nice warm weather and miserable warm weather. And now is the time, folks!

And really, how adorable is a picnic date? #relationshipgoals

You can go all out and embrace your inner Ina Garten and create a delicious meal OR go the lazy-girl route and pick up Am-Mart or Jimmy Johns before heading out. Pack a bottle of wine or bring a cooler full of local beers. Whatever floats your boat!

This also makes a cute lunch date idea, especially for those who work downtown. I’ve stopped at Am-Mart for sandwiches and brought them downtown to meet Conrad for lunch on the levee before. If you have extra time, you can make a whole day out of it and head to a park or Parade Grounds and spend the day relaxing!

5- Explore Downtown

Some of the most fun you can have on a date is exploring new places together. And since going on vacation isn’t always an option (or cheap),  take a mini tour of downtown Baton Rouge instead.

Hit up happy hours for the lowest prices. We’re big fans of Capital City’s Happy Hour (half price appetizers and $5 martinis!). We’ve also been quite obsessed with Driftwood lately, if you’re looking into trying new cocktails. Lava Cantina is also new to downtown and has a pretty solid patio situation if you’re looking to enjoy the weather.

Grabbing coffee at Magpie or Strands are also cheaper options and both great places to just hang out. Conrad and I always go to Magpie, while I blog and he studies, and we usually spend less than $15.

Another cool perk about exploring downtown is you can get free admission into museums on the first Sunday of the month. This includes the LSU Museum of Art, the Louisiana Art & Science Museum and the USS Kidd.

Now, I want to hear from YOU! What are your favorite inexpensive things to do in Baton Rouge this time of year?  Tell me in the comments!

Don’t forget, you can still take the Reader Survey here.

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