A girl can dream, right? Even though New Orleans is only an hour away from Baton Rouge, wouldn’t it be nice to have another home away from home? Especially when there’s always something going on! Whether it’s a festival, bachelorette or birthday party, or just a weekend getaway, New Orleans is the go-to mini trip for South Louisiana. (You can read all about how I still love being a tourist in Nola here.) Plus, you know Louisiana has four seasons — Carnival SeasonCrawfish SeasonSno-ball Season and Football Season — and I need a place to stay for all of them!

Today, I’ve partnered with 1201 Canal to give you a glimpse into the newly transitioned luxury condominiums in the heart of downtown New Orleans and tell you why owning a condo in New Orleans is on my bucket list for 2017! With the expansion of streetcar lines, the addition of bars and entertainment, and places to call home, upper Canal Street is finally experiencing the rebirth as the mecca it once was.

New Orleans 1201 Canal Condominiums | 5 Reasons To Buy a Condo in Downtown New Orleans This Year

1- Carnival Season

First on my list this time of year, is Mardi Gras! Once Christmas is over, it’s officially Carnival Season in South Louisiana. I lived in New Orleans shortly after graduating college and moved in just around the time that parades started rolling. I remember my very first night living in New Orleans, walking outside and seeing a parade literally just right out of our door! This North Louisiana girl was seriously impressed.

Even living in Baton Rouge now, we still head down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras each year, but getting an hotel, Airbnb, or finding a friend’s vacant couch can get difficult with such high demand. And honestly, dealing with where to stay can get really stressful and take the fun out of Mardi Gras. BUT having my own place to head home to sounds like a dream come true! Coming and going from parades and even having the extra space for friends to stay sounds like my kind of set up!

New Orleans 1201 Canal Condominiums | 5 Reasons To Buy a Condo in Downtown New Orleans This Year

2- Crawfish & Festival Season

After Mardi Gras in Louisiana, we head straight into crawfish season and festival season in the spring. This time of year there is no shortage of crawfish places or festivals! One of my favorites is the French Quarter Fest (April 6-9), which is now the largest event in Louisiana right behind Mardi Gras. It’s basically a giant day to celebrate New Orleans and it’s food, music and culture.

Also, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival always makes the top of my list (April 28-May 7)! I mostly go for the Crawfish Monica (let’s be real), but I’d go for Usher and Lorde this year! And who wants to drive back to Baton Rouge after? No one.

New Orleans 1201 Canal Condominiums | 5 Reasons To Buy a Condo in Downtown New Orleans This Year

3- Sno-ball Season

Once the summer months hit it’s officially sno-ball season in New Orleans! Think you don’t need a whole trip for this? Think again! Not only are there some amazing places to grab sno-balls (Sal’s Sno-balls and Hansen’s Sno-Bliz), but there are plenty of other things happening around the city this time of year for you to enjoy between sno-balls!

Festival season just keeps on going with the Oyster Festival (June 3-4), the Greek Festival (May 26-28) and the Cajun Zydeco Festival (June 24-25) just to name a few. Bayou Country Super Fest (May 26-28) also relocated from Tiger Stadium to the Superdome this year, so you know lots of people will be making the trip from Baton Rouge to New Orleans for that!

And we can’t forget about my other summer favorites… The Red Dress Run and White Linen Night!

Plus, when you’re back at the condo, you can enjoy this rooftop pool overlooking the city (yes, please!) and even a spa — that’s enough right there to get me to take a weekend trip!

New Orleans 1201 Canal Condominiums | 5 Reasons To Buy a Condo in Downtown New Orleans This Year

4- Football Season

Finally, once we loop back around to football season you’ll want somewhere to stay for all those Saints games. Because who likes sitting in traffic from New Orleans to Baton Rouge after? No thank you! Give me my own condo and cozy bed, and I’ll see y’all back in Baton Rouge on Monday.

And as the holidays approach, there’s always lots to do in New Orleans — whether that’s Christmas shopping, strolling through the Celebration in the Oaks, or just eating New Orleans comfort food. In fact, I have a whole New Orleans Holiday Travel Guide here.

New Orleans 1201 Canal Condominiums | 5 Reasons To Buy a Condo in Downtown New Orleans This Year

Wow! You don’t realize just how much goes on in New Orleans until you list it all out! Clearly, there are very few dull moments around here and very few weekends where there’s nothing to do. You can’t ever say you’re bored, which is what I love about this city and state.

Think you might need a place to stay for all this? The 1201 Canal Condominiums offer an upscale community with hotel-style amenities, including a rooftop pool and spa overlooking the downtown skyline (YES!!), 24-hour valet parking and security, granite countertops, and a fitness center.

They’re located across the street from Tulane Medical Center, the renovated Joy and Saenger theaters and the Canal Street streetcar is just out the front door! The French Quarter and Central Business District are both just a short stroll away.

You can see more photos and get more info at 1201canal.com.

Thank you to 1201 Canal Condominiums for sponsoring today’s post!

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