Southern Flair Selfie - How I use my favorite social media apps and who I love to follow!

I think it’s safe to say that Snapchat is now my favorite social media platform. It’s officially surpassed Instagram for me (and for good reason).

Now that Snapchat will play everyone’s stories one after the other, I tend to  prop my phone up while I’m getting dressed or working and just cycle through everyone’s stories. It’s basically like watching T.V. — and sometimes better!

Sure I follow people I know on Snapchat, but I think the really fun part is following people you really don’t know. Even though it’s weird how after a while you feel like you do know them!

As a Southern blogger myself, obviously I follow a ton of fellow bloggers. So today I’m sharing five of my favorite Southern bloggers to follow. It’s time to get your phone out now to find them! And you can also find me at @lesliepresnall.

Read more about Snapchat — who I follow, how I use it, and why I love it in this post.

5 Southern Bloggers to Follow on Snapchat | Southern Flair 1. Brighton Keller from Brighton The Day (Dallas, TX) – If you scroll through Brighton’s Instagram feed, you’ll see gorgeous photos and her perfectly styled looks. But her Snapchat is what really made me become a fan. She’s super funny, always running late for everything and is just a really down-to-earth fashion blogger. Find her @brightonkeller.

5 Southern Bloggers to Follow on Snapchat | Southern Flair

2. Grace Wainwright from A Southern Drawl (Louisville, KY) – If you need some motivation to go to the gym, then find Grace on Snap ASAP! In addition to her awesome workout routine and fashionable gym outfits, I really just want everything she wears. Find her @a_southerndrawl.

5 Southern Bloggers to Follow on Snapchat | Southern Flair

3. Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting on Martha (Atlanta, GA) – As someone who can’t go a day without reading Waiting on Martha, of course I’m going to be a total fan girl over Founder and Creative Director Mandy Kellogg Rye’s Snapchat. She shares her love for food, rosé and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel the most. She’s always showing her followers a behind-the-scenes look into her business, projects, adventures and events. If you want to be super inspired by this awesome gal, go find her at @waitingonmartha.

5 Southern Bloggers to Follow on Snapchat | Southern Flair

4. Katey McFarlan of Chronicles of Frivolity (Dallas, TX) – I’m not sure who I’m a bigger fan of — Katey or her pup Peaches. They both share the camera time equally when it comes to Snapchat. Peaches usually just hangs out and looks adorable, while Katey is always offering beauty advice and sharing her day-to-day life in her adorably decorated house. Find her @kateymcfarlan.

5 Southern Bloggers to Follow on Snapchat | Southern Flair

5. Caitlin Covington of Southern Curls & Pearls (Charlotte, NC) – Caitlin is another fashion blogger whose Instagram you could just scroll through for daaaays and not get bored. She’s so stinkin’ cute with the best hair ever, so of course her Snapchat is just as good. If you’re looking for some serious wardrobe envy, then follow along with her at @cmcoving.

Who do you love to follow on Snapchat? Tell me in the comments!

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